Exodite Instruments of Neutrality

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Article 1: Principle Neutrality

Exodite, being the principle signatory in this agreement, declares itself an alliance neutral and indifferent of the political field of the planet.

Article 2: Defenders of Neutrality

All alliances who sign onto this Neutrality Agreement agree that it is the right of Exodite to remain neutral and separate of all political intolerance. They agree that should any harm, be it political or war based, come against Exodite, they will, to the best of their alliances’ ability, defend and protect the right of Exodite to exist as an independent and neutral alliance.

Article 3: Non-Aggression

No alliance may declare or conduct any aggressive action, be it political or war based, against Exodite. Any alliance, bloc, or entity that declares or conducts aggressive action against Exodite will be met by the full political and war based power of all Signatories in defense of Exodite.

Article 4: Funding from Neutrality

Exodite, being a neutral alliance, may extend loans to any alliance regardless of its political standing so long as it publicly declares the loan, and the terms of the loan, to the Global Community. Exodite may, at its sole discretion, refuse to loan any money to any nation or alliance at any time, if it feels it is not in the best interests of itself.

Article 5: Sovereignty

All signatories are completely sovereign entities, and are not indebted or subservient to any other entity except where explicitly granted by its government and legal agreements. All signatories are free to go about their business as they so desire, as long as it does not infringe on the neutrality of Exodite.

Article 6: Additions of Signatories

Any alliance, bloc, or independent nation may, at its sole discretion, make known to the global community its adoption and agreement of this document, and may add its governing signatures to this document.

Article 7: Withdrawal of Signatures

If at any time an alliance, bloc, or independent nation feels it can no longer support the neutrality of Exodite it may, at its sole discretion, withdraw its signature or signatures from this document, with notice to the global community.

Article 8: Dissolution of Neutrality

This document will become null and void if Exodite at any time announces to the global community that it is no longer a neutral alliance.

Article 9: Essence

The signatories agree to abide by the spirit of this document, in addition to its text, without e-lawyering or utilizing any loophole, whether intentional or not, to renege on its agreement.