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Eximius Nos


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Motto: Let The Blood River Flow!

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Eximius Nos

Let The Blood River Flow!

The Brotherhood consists of the finest members in all of Pixel Nations. In 455 AD, a group of young peasants stumbled onto a battlefield as they fled the collapsing Roman Empire. Gathering armor and clothing from the fallen soldiers the peasants escaped to an uninhabited island, that was soon known as Eximius Nos, or 'We the Uncommon'. There they forged a Brotherhood of elite fighting Knights. 20 years have passed in exile, before the first visitors came, soldiers from the "Great Empire". Taxation... Something we Brothers know not of. The soldiers were quickly incapacitated and thrown into the ocean. A couple months later boats lined the horizon. Soldiers of the Great Empire came to the island to claim it as their own. After training in combat for 20 years, we have developed a Brotherhood of 60 Brothers strong. After weeks of battle the Empire was defeated, with 4 Brothers lost. They were given an honorable burial. But that wasn't enough, they invaded Eximius Nos. As the ships were beginning to sail back to the empire, the Brothers united, snuck onto 7 different ships. They now walk the streets and the shadows of the Great Empire, planning and waiting for the perfect opportunity strike...

The Pledge Edit

The Pledge to the Brotherhood of Eximius Nos is the process of applying to Eximius Nos. You will be judged on your social standards, attitude and activity. In-game statistics mean very little to this process. Any nation can grow with the right help.

Requirements and The Process for Joining Eximius Nos are listed here:

Brotherhood Edit

After being accepted as Brother, you are entitled to free speech among your brothers.
Every decision is decided collectively among all the brothers.
All matters are held and voted on by the Brothers.
There is no Senior Chief, leader or administrator of the Brotherhood.

Positions Edit

Positions in the alliance are created on a need basis. Positions include, but are not limited to:
War Chief: Orders the Brotherhood as one elite Army.
Foreign Affairs Chief: In charge of all Foreign relations.
Internal Affairs Chief: Conducts and processes forum masks, Brotherhood Pledges and forum moderation.

All positions hereby report to the Brotherhood.