This alliance has disbanded. (Note: No formal declaration was given. Alliance ceased to exist.)
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On June 24 player yinwu of Prussia founded Dutch Solutions Incorporated on pixel nations. A few days later Schneid of Curtopia became DSI's second member and agent and on July 1 Ferenal of Prezelly became DSI's first general.

                               Current chain of command 
CEO- yinwu 
Agent- Schneid 
General- Ferenal

Article I DSI is a private military game company, not the regular alliance. Members get paid on how well the contract was completed. Article II DSI will NOT participate in an alliance war unless either attacked or paid by one of the combatants for $30,000,000. If DSI goes to war then all members must participate in the war. No member may be allowed to surrender unless granted or authorised by the CEO. Article III The CEO is the head of the company and shall serve for life or until resignation. All members must obey the orders given by the CEO/high staff.