This alliance has disbanded. (Note: No formal declaration was given. Alliance ceased to exist.)

Death Korps of Krieg


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Motto: Money > Bitches

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BloodFury, LadyLuck

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Power::15 (Average: 5)

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Death Korps of Krieg or DKoK was an alliance created by BloodFury in spite of Exodite. The alliance is most notable for its bravery of being a 3 man alliance and going to war with the Second and Third Strongest alliance. Death Korps of Krieg remains a rather small allianced inhabited by LadyLuck, BloodFury, and ford1972.


The Death Korps of Krieg was formed by BloodFury in his spite against Exodite. He founded and managed the alliance, into an active powerhouse. The membership remained small but a close knit community of individuals.

Wars of The Blood EmperorEdit

First War of The Blood EmperorEdit

In the founding days of the alliance, BloodFury acknowledged war with Exodite. After a 7 day long war broke out, peace ensured. An secret agreement was quickly wrote up between LadyLuck and BloodFury of DKoK with Anson and Rampage3 of Exodite. While the peace deal was being signed, LadyLuck came in and commented on it and Anson broke out in rage. Anson included that the deal was off and war would resume, enless white peace was given. DKoK refused, and Rampage3 criticized his leader and deemed he would leave the game because of this.

Second War of The Blood EmperorEdit

As Anson of Exodite demanded white peace, DKoK refused and demanded the agreement that was agreed to never be disclosed be put forth. Anson replied with resuming the war. The Royal Society quickly came in defense of Exodite and declared war on DKoK. War resumed for a short pieriod until another peace agreement was made.

Peace AgreementEdit

The Secret Agreement remained and was soon not-so-secret. It became the peace terms of war where Exodite and The Royal Society with a combined strength of 254.36 soon agreed to pay 20 million in reparations to DKoK in a public white peace deal. The agreement attracted public interest, especially from Poison Clan who later signed a treaty with DKoK.