Darkwater1 (DKW1)
Nation Flag
Leader Rayan Thomas
Government Corporate Monstrosity
Nation Statistics
Population 10,450,384
Power 114.21
Nukes Classified
Foreign Relations Classified
Alliance Genesis
Updated 10/11/2013

Darkwater1 is a Spy Corporation situated on a giant turtle. The Turtle is able to move itself, thus providing a superb escape option should it ever be needed. The workers of Darkwater1 affectionately call the Turtle "Erai Hito (偉い人)" meaning "Wise One". It is not known how Darkwater1 was founded on this giant turtle, nor is it fully understood how and why the climate around Darkwater1 is always raining and dark. Nevertheless, Darkwater1's constant dark climate provides an excellent cover for movement and hiding. Every citizen on Darkwater1 is a spy, and as such, all citizens have no official records.