Coming seemingly out of no where (akin to George Bushes popularity) Comradia may seem new and mysterious, but so far it has proved to be a peaceful, docile nation.  It wants to restore "The Old Mongol Empire" but it's not clear what exactly this means. Whatever it is, ComradeMongol, the leader or "Great Khan", claims that this will be acheveied peacfully.

Power and FocusEdit

ComradeMongol and one of his allies, Joshua Granger, were recently invited personally by Stalin Grad, leader of the Holy Roman Empire alliance, to join them. He also promised high government positions. An invitation like this is virtually non-existant(THRE is the second most powerful alliance in the world). They took up the offer and ComradeMongol is now the Minister of Foreign Affairs in THRE.

UPDATE!!!: Comradia was unjustly banned from THRE!!!

According to intelligence reports, the nation is relativily strong when it comes to military prowess. Strangely enough, it has never been involved in any wars or conflicts.