Circle of Furs (Acronym::CoF)


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Motto: Unity in Diversity

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General Information
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 -  Founded

January 17, 2013

 -  Founders

Hopesa (Deleted by PN Staff)

 -  IRC

#cof on Coldfront

Alliance Statistics of 18/05/2015
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Power::804.71 (Average: 50)

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The Circle of Furs alliance is formed in 17 of January 2013, Since then, the alliance grow fast and now is 2nd Biggest alliance by power. After a recent coup by ShadowKnight, it has thus ceased to exist.

COF history ended when it was couped. It currenly doesn't exist.

History Edit

Formed in January 17, 2013, founded by Hopesa with his nation Furrynesia and soon his friends join up, mostly consist of Indonesian player.

in 1 April 2013, UNFP Merge into Circle of Furs, making new Phase for Circle of furs.

Foreign Relationship Edit

Cirle of Furs is in a Treaty with Empire Of The Rose - Protectorate Treaty

War Edit

CoF is currently Neutral.

Current Goverment of Circle of Furs and Charter Edit

Charter Edit

Preamble Edit

We, Circle of Furs, is against colonization and imperialization. This is because freedom is right to every nation, and Colonization must be erased. It is also against Human and Furs Rights, and we will defend any aggression towards any of us

Article One Edit

Furtizenship Anyone wishing to join us, must pass the “Furring” in our Forum or IRC, and must not be related to any Alliance, not a Spy, and will Serve for Circle of Furs

Article Two Edit

Structure of Circle of Furs We consists of Members, Super Members, Government and President that are elected on the 25th of every month. Any member that wishes to be a government official, must become Super member first. Super member is a Member that passes the Super member test. Anyone wishing to be president must be a Super member or Government official for at least 40 days.

Article Three Edit

Duty of Member and it’s Rights Member of Circle of Furs, is expected to pay taxes, attend elections, act good, support each other and cooperative within Alliance, Members can also ask for Financial Aid, Military Assistance and other things if we can and they Allowed

Article Four Edit

Resignation of Member Member that wish to resign from Cof, must Apply the Resignation on Forums, give the reasons and where He/She moving to, and the member will be DeFurred ASAP

Article Five Edit

Amendments of Charter and Laws All Member have the right to Suggest Amendments toward Charter of Circle of Furs, the Government and Super member then will discuss it, but for it to be accepted, it must Approved by 66% of Super Members and Governments

Current Goverment of Circle of Furs Edit

This is Goverment for March

  • Ministry/Alliance President: Hopesa

  • Council President: President Tom

  • Vice Alliance President: Tremelousmeow

  • Council Vice President: Sheva0310

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Masterchief-Shadow Knight

  • Ministry of Defense and War: Dwiasa-AhmedAE
  • Deputy of MoDw: Triwisi

  • Ministry of Financial: Beta Panda
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs: Se7en Time-Yann Ying
  • Congress of Circle of Furs: Meutuah, Dirham, High And Dry, Zambuka.

The Goverment active since 1 march until end of the April.