Paradoxia's Castle Doctrine

If any nation or an alliance, attacks any nation residing in any of the following Affiliation: Paradoxia, Paradoxia Applicant, Zombieland, Zombieland Applicant, The Confederate States, The Confederate States Applicant, or any alliance affiliation under the protection of Paradoxia.

They will be met with collective power of Paradoxia Armed Forces.

If there is a situation where one of the nations residing under the Umbrella of Paradoxia has given you grief, you are required to approach the government of Paradoxia in a civil and diplomatic manner. Paradoxia government will do whatever is necessary to cooperate with you and reach common grounds.

Any Ultimatums or breach of this Castle Doctrine will be seen as a Declaration of War. If you hit anyone on our soil, without proper and complete diplomacy, We, the Paradoxians reserve the right to defend ourselves with all force.