Nation Flag
Leader Reziun
Government Democracy
Nation Statistics
Population 17,978,492
Power 60.96
Alliance Knights of the Republic
Updated 4/29/13

Nation Overview Edit

Calthien was founded on 3/10/2013 under the ruler Reziun Trent. The nation was created as a Democracy and follows Biblical beliefs. Calthien currently has 8 major cities and 2 states. Calthien was accepted into the Knights of the Republic Alliance on 3/11/13, and has remained strong with them ever since.

Government Edit

The government of Calthien is a 3 part branch government designed to work with each other and keep each other in line with checks and balances. This government model was established on 5/1/13 following a congressional meeting. Elections will be held for the government positions on 5/6/13, currently all positions will be up for election.

States and Cities: Edit

State of EastmoreEdit

Cities: Edit

State of AremosEdit

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