Best Buddies Treaty

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Signed::January 21st, 2012

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{{#arraymap:Irish Republican Army, United Military Nations|, |x|

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Article I:

Both alliances will give each other intelligence, and are allowed to trade and what not. Article II:

During any type of war each alliance is required to defend the other but this is not a DoW on the attacking alliance terms may be settled with the attackers by the alliance defending their allies.

Article III:

Listen lets say some guy insults your girl and you want to mess him up so give the other alliance a 24 hour notice that you're going to declare and after the 24 hours are up they either agree to come and fight or disagree. Article IV:

A cancellation of this treaty does not require any notice ,but it has to be announced to the world though.

Signed for The Irish Republican Army
NovaCastro-Commander of the IRA
Spessman- Vice-Commander of the IRA

Signed for United Military Nations

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