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Motto: "Because why not?"

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JayR95, Enzos, felicity

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August 20, 2012

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Awesomely Ghux

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Power::302.79 (Average: 11)

Bacon is the most delicious alliance in the universe, and shall wield its mighty power to rule over the taste buds of all other alliances.

History Edit

It was said that the God of the Bacon, Ghux, spoke the words that would forever change the history of Pixel Nations. Established on August 20, 2012, Bacon engaged in a rapid growth, quickly getting into the Top 10 Alliances and holding it for day before returning to take the #9 spot. Bacon maintained a minimal presence on the world stage until declaring its existence on September 10, 2012.

Whatever You Call This Thing These Days Edit

Article 1. Bacon is AwesomeEdit

Bacon is awesome, and everybody loves it. Thus, it is the purpose of the alliance of Bacon to create a haven for all lovers of bacon (i.e. everyone) to congregate and celebrate the glory of bacon.

Article I. Baconly WorshipEdit

All persons who love bacon are permitted to worship in the halls of Bacon. And, as all persons love bacon, all persons who wish to become a Baconeer are permitted to do so, provided they do not have a history of asshattery, douchebaggery, or other similar qualifications that nobody likes.

Article A. Baconic BossesEdit

Somebody's got to organize things around here. All Baconeers shall adhere to the laws of the God of Bacon. The God of Bacon always has other business to attend to (such as smiting bacon deniers), so may appoint Minions to carry out its bidding. These Minions may be given specific tasks by the God of Bacon, or may work as a group to interpret its Will. Minions, in turn, may appoint Lackeys to help them with the progression of worshipping services. However, if at any point a majority of the Baconeers disapprove of any Minion or Lackey, the God of Bacon may chose to cast said person from their elevated position of favour.