Leader AlexCats
Government CAT
Nation Statistics
Population 4,750,260
Power 19.01
Nukes 0
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AlexCat's Cat in a box

AlexCats of almanbulls was created on a hot summer afternoon of August 12th, 2013. He is an awesome member of The Holy Roman Empire.


On that summer day, AlexCats was born. He was very confused. He went to IRC and found someone to help him. He was pretty focued on CN he didn't do anything about his nation for a few days. He tried applying to NPO and EOTR, but it did not work out. He finally found Imperilias. He liked with it pretty quickly. He was in there for a month, helping out, giving trillions to the bank. Then, the incident that would help the fall of Imperialis. LordCharlie, a good friend of his, left for money. When he came back, Jeremie would not give him his government position back. AlexCats was heartbroken, but he stayed in Imperialis for the rest of V2. When V3 came out, he considered joining the Black Gulch, but he got an offer from The Holy Roman Empire and accepted, as a good friend of his, Jemmm, was in it.


AlexCats fought for Imperialis in World War 2. He declared as many wars as he could. He crushed people because of a war bug that you needed less soldiers to win battles. He did that, and he fought well. He sent alot of fake nukes to, because of that bug. He was actually one of the first to discover that bug but did not report it hoping no one else would, but it came out. 

The Holy Roman EmpireEdit

AlexCats joined The Holy Roman Empire, aka THRE, on November 4th, 2013. 


EOTR, NPOImperialis, The Black Gulch, The Holy Roman Empire