ABC-Flock War Treaty

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This treaty marked the end of the ABC-Flock War and bound the two alliances in a Non-Aggression Pact.

Upon the signature of this official document, the war between the ABCs and The Flock will end officially. This shall entail that the ABCs surrender and will pay 10 Million Pixelon Standard Dollars to The Flock and officially surrender. Upon the signature of this treaty, all hostilities will be ceased between said alliances. Along with the end of the war, both alliances will enter to a Non-Aggression Pact in which both alliances promise not to attack or raid each other. A Non-Aggression does not entail Mutual Defense however.

This war ravaged The Flock and the ABCs along with APPA. Neither side got any benefits and all this war did was slow down the progress of both alliances in a crucial time-period of Pixelon. Upon the ending of this war, all of the involved parties can step away from War and continue to Grow.


Salvarity, Vice Shepherd of The Flock

Sheepy, 1st Shepherd of The Flock

BabyKong410, Chief Diplomat of ABCs